Other Memorials

Post Office Memorial Small02

This memorial once stood outside the Post Office sorting office on Bourges Boulevard but when this building was demolished it was moved to the front of the new building at Papyrus Road where it now resides set in to the block paving. I also believe that when it was first created it was erected in the main post office in what was then Cumbergate in Peterborough town centre. The smaller, Second World memorial below, sits beneath the larger one and is showing signs of deterioration.

Post Office Memorial 2 small03

St Johns Memorial small

This beautiful little memorial is fixed to the wall of the entrance porch of St. John’s Church in Cathedral Square. This is what is now the back door which faces on to Exchange Street, not at the front of the church. A very nice memorial which was probably made at the old iron works.

Albert Place Memorial small

This memorial used to sit in a small wall at the side of the road along Bourges Boulevard, next to the old Beehive public house. It was eventually moved to its present position on a wall in the Rivergate Shopping Centre. It is set apart from the busy area and I do not suppose many people actually know of its existence. Before Bourges Boulevard was built, it must have resided somewhere else but the original location is not known to me. All I know is that this area was known as Albert Place before it was modernised and this is where these men used to live.

Newark Memorial 1 small

Newark is a small area of Peterborough which used to be a village in its own right many years ago. It has a rather lovely memorial cross which has stood the test of time. The small stone below the base and just above the poppy wreath reads, ‘Lest we Forget,’ and was obviously added after the cross was erected.

Newark Memorial 3 small02

More information regarding the men named on these memorials can be found in the listings on the relevant pages elsewhere on this web site.

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