PETERBOROUGH WAR MEMORIAL  This site is dedicated to The Huntingdonshire Cyclists who fought during the First World War, among whom were a number of Peterborough men.  This site provides information about British and Commonwealth servicemen killed serving their country. A site about the First World War.  This site is dedicated to the aircraft carrier HMS Vengeance and to those who served on her. Among her crew during the Second World War were the Wardle brothers from Peterborough who can be found in the World War II Navy Roll of Honour on the Peterborough War Memorial.  A directory of guest speakers, Groups and Societies in the Peterborough area.  A web site dedicated to the memory of Sergeant Samuel Yerrell, from Peterborough, who went to France in 1914 and was killed in the Battle of the Somme, July 1916 while serving with the 1st Battalion, Northamptonshire Regiment. Includes reports, artifacts and family history.  A site dedicated to recording some of the history of the old Baker Perkins factory in Peterborough during the Second World War, with now-and-then photographs and a gallery of old employees. A web site dedicated to the memory of Anne-Marie Vion who worked for the French Resistance during the Second World War in Clery-sur-Somme, and died in Ravensbruck concentration camp in 1945. A web site containing the bibliography of all printed books relating to the city of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England. This site has been developed with the intention of assisting people in their research into all aspects of the history of the City of Peterborough. This is the only web site that sets out to record the complete bibliography of the famous First World War soldier, poet and writer, Siegfried Sassoon. The term ‘bibliography’ describes any books or pamphlets published by Sassoon in his lifetime; any contribution he has made to other books such as introductions and forewords in his lifetime, and any of his work published by others in his lifetime such as the inclusion of his poems or other work in anthologies etc. Also included on the site are books in which people have written about Sassoon in his lifetime and also modern books written about him after his death, in particular biographies which may be of interest to those wishing to find out more about him.

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